Penguin Dance is a vibrant dance company who have spent the last few years bringing some famous Dutch art into the realm of dance, performing for children from the ages of four, at schools and theaters. The productions 'The Bedroom' and 'Van Melkmeisje tot Mondriaan' are based on famous Dutch paintings by Johannes Vermeer, Piet Mondriaan and Vincent Van Gogh.

Colourful, narrative, humorous and dynamic, these performances are a lively mix of dance and theatre that will leave children enough space to fill in their own unique fantasy

Prior to the performance the schools are provided with an educational supplement which will enable the children to learn about the artists, their works and their times and the contrasts between each of them.

Penguin Dance also can arrange workshops for school groups following the performances. We also make sure that after each performance the children will

have an opportunity to share their thoughts with the performers and discuss the piece. The performance itself is filled with dance, colour, movement and powerful expression. Penguin Dance combines modern dance and theater to speak to the children and bring them into a cheerful, fantasy rich, imaginary world.

This world allows the children to use their imaginations and construct their own fantasies, creating many individual stories from the dance and action played out on stage.

The Team

Caroline Boettner

Carolin Boettner I am a graduate from the Faculty of Performing Arts, at the Theater School in Amsterdam where I was awarded with a Bachelor's of Dance in Education in 2003.
In 2004 when given the chance, I became a founder and member of the dance company Penguin Dance. I found it a great opportunity to work in a small group, taking an idea and creating a dance piece aimed at younger children. I have enjoyed every aspect of the company and the challenge of bringing dance to children.
Besides my work with Penguin Dance I have also taught dance since my graduation in 2003 at several ballet and public schools in Holland and Germany. I have also performed in different projects in and around Amsterdam and have given various dance workshops including primary schools in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Claudia Flameling-Reinhard I am a Swiss dancer, teacher and choreographer, studied at the Dance academy in Rotterdam and got my diploma as a dance teacher in 2000. Since then I have taught children, adults and mentally handicapped adults in modern dance, ballet and improvisation.
In 2002 I started to work as an artistic director for Bewegingstheater ‘IMPULS’ with mentally handicapped adults. We make dance performances with them.
I danced in several small projects in Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam(NL)and Basel(CH).
I really enjoy dancing for children which started in 2005 with Penguin Dance in Amsterdam and ‘Popject’ (puppet theatre) in Leiden (NL).
There is contact while you are dancing and you can see right away if they believe in the story or not. They either dance with you or they don’t like it at all. I think this purity and honesty is very special. I also see importance in showing children an art form. It enriches their education I believe.
Working with Penguin Dance is a great experience.
Claudia Flameling-Reinhard
Hanna de Vos
Hanna de Vos I started to dance when I was young at a private dance school in Amsterdam – Diemen. After years of training in jazzdance,tapdance and classical ballet, I decided to make dance as my profession and did audition at the theatreschool in Amsterdam. I got accepted and entered the dance teachers course in 2004.

I enjoy performing, making dance pieces and teaching dance to children and adults a lot and luckily we get a great opportunity to practice all this at school. But I also like to get some more experience in the work field outside school. That’s why I auditioned for a project with the Penguin Dance Company in March 2005. I liked the project a lot, especially because I could make experiences as a dancer as well as a teacher and choreographer.

Since then I have been a member of the company. I think Penguin Dance speaks to the children in a very clever way-through the language of dance. The international language every child understands.
Sasker Polman I was born in the Netherlands and studied dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy.
I worked as a dancer in different dance companies such as Danstheater AYA, Company Tranz, Total Brutal (Nir de Wolf, Berlijn), Stichting Harlekyn(Herman v. Veen) Nederlandse Opera, Nat, Reisopera, Dancecompany Snowwitches, Company Ex-Nihilo (Frankrijk)
In 2006 I won the prize for the‘Best Choreography’ at a competition in Barcelona.
I am a new member of Penguin Dance and going to dance the role of Van Gogh,which is a great challenge for me.

More Teammembers:
Marta Pisco (Chauffeur, Light and Sound)
Anique Bosch - Second cast (
Petra van der Woning - Second cast
Jenny Winkler - Costumes and Board of Directors
Kent Bell - Board of Directors


Art is an essential part of any culture.  Artistic expression therefore has to be part of education and we are convinced that performances of art that can educate are important for the cultural and artistic development of the youth.
Penguin Dance concentrates on dance, music and artpieces, producing performances that captures the minds of all ages.
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